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GDI School of Religious Education
GDI School of Religious Education
Spring B 2016 Course Descriptions
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Spring B 2016 Course Descriptions

Posted on Tue, Mar 15, 2016

Pastoral Care and Chapel


 RELM Pastoral Care and Counseling

Welcome to Pastoral Care!  This course examines the theological and psychological needs of faith communities. Also, explores pastoral roles in provision of counseling and care to varying needs of the church:  youth, elder care, addictions, mentally ill, marital couples, and others with high ethical values.

Learning Outcomes:

Students will demonstrate mastery of the following objectives by completing assignments and activities below:

  1. Acquaint students with Pastoral care and counseling.
  2. Critically evaluate types of pastoral care and counseling.
  3. Practically apply or conduct research and write reflections on assigned readings.
  4. Reflect and understand the work of pastoral care with role simulations, activities, and reflections.


RELM Chapel

Welcome to Chapel!  This course is designed to provide supervised clinical experiences during class for students in ministry.  Examine, explore, and understand the dynamics of liturgy and worship.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Differentiate, engage, and respect other denominations, theologies, and cultures.
  2. Critically evaluate liturgical traditions in respective churches.
  3. Practically apply or conduct structure of liturgy: How to usher in God’s presence and engage worshippers.
  4. Reflect and practice liturgy.
  5. Apply creative changes in worship and liturgy.


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